Friday, August 8, 2014

Feature Friday: Mike + Dana

Successfully pulling off a themed wedding can be challenging but Mike and Dana without a doubt exceeded expectations.

The Groom being a graphic designer perfected every element of their movie themed wedding. They recreated their favorite movie covers, with customized movie titles (similar to the originals) to be used for their table numbers and escort card display by having a photo shoot with them as the stars! Truly unbelievable how it turned out. We can't forget they created their own production company "Bergatto" -- a combination of their last names. 

Mike and Dana hired us just for their Reception Coordination as with having so many DIY elements, from their centerpieces to table numbers to the popcorn and candy bar, they couldn't do this alone. Mike created an information packet for us full of diagrams and detailed setup instructions which we were so grateful for. It allowed us to create everything exactly as they envisioned.

 Check out some of their amazing DIY elements!!

 We were lucky enough to get a pic with the Bride and Groom!

Now this is really an incredible story. Mike pulled off an extraordinary proposal in Philadelphia and it was all caught on tape - Watch here. You will notice the photo booth backdrop looks very familiar :) Their props - well who doesn't like superhero's?

What's a movie without popcorn and candy?!

PS - they even had movie quotes playing from a speaker in the bathrooms! Talk about details!

This wedding did not disappoint in the fun aspect either.... from a choreographed introduction dance with their wedding party to "I'm sexy and I know it" by LMFAO to the Mummer's Dance. JPG knocked it out the park with their photographs! We absolutely love working with JPG!

We had such a blast at this wedding and every single guest without a doubt knew their theme from beginning to end. We received wonderful reviews from both the bride and groom. "On the day of the wedding, Lauren and her team we're ready to help out with anything we needed without a moments notice. If you're thinking about a wedding planner, Something Blu is the one to use!" (Check out the rest of the review by clicking here!)Congratulations again Mike and Dana! Can't believe were almost at the 1 year mark already!

Photo Credit: JPG Photography

Happy Planning!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Feature Friday: Groom's Cakes

Are you looking for something special to do for your Groom? Does he have a favorite food, sports team, or hobby? Why not express that on a unique Groom's Cake! Originally, Groom's Cakes were a big part of the southern wedding tradition and are usually chocolate, but because of their personalized nature, many Brides are adding it to their wedding day and sometimes the Groom might even ask for it! The Master's Baker in West Chester, PA has been making cakes for over 40 years. Below are just some of the many Groom's Cakes that The Master's Baker have created!

You can surprise your soon to be husband with their favorite sports team cake!
Photo Credit: The Masters Baker

Photo Credit: The Master's Baker

 Photo Credit: The Master's Baker

We love the idea of creating a cake for his favorite hobby!
Photo Credit: The Master's Baker

Photo Credit: The Master's Baker

"Each cake that leaves my shop with it’s personalized white chocolate heart logo is intended to be the very best we can offer." a message from Jerie Weldon, Owner of Master's Baker! Do you had an idea of a grooms cake for your soon to be husband? Visit The Master's Baker on Facebook or on their website to contact them!

Happy Planning!
Marketing and Day of Events Intern

Friday, July 18, 2014

Feature Friday - The Cotton Candy Confectionery!

Lauren Racobaldo, Owner of The Cotton Candy Confectionery
Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you interested in a unique and fun wedding or party favor? Then check out our Feature Friday! It is all about one of our favorite vendors, The Cotton Candy Confectionery! From Weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, company picnics, Christenings, Bar/Bot Mitzvahs, holiday parties, any event, The Cotton Candy Confectionery does it all!

Lauren’s business started when she was planning her own wedding in 2011. “I have a sweet tooth so I knew I wanted something edible, pretty and a crowd “pleaser”, but was unsure of what direction to go in. Cotton candy popped into my head, and I searched all over the Internet for a company that offered cotton candy party favors and simply couldn’t find anyone!” Lauren stated. After speaking to her husband, she decided to start her own business.

As you can imagine, opening a new business is not without its challenges. When Lauren first started her business we was engaged planning her own wedding and working full time as a Pharmaceutical Representative. Then after six months of being married, her and her husband found out that they have a new addition to their family, expecting a daughter at the end of 2012! After returning to work once her daughter was born, her and her husband decided that being a “stay at home mom” and running The Cotton Candy Confectionery was the best decision for their family! Lauren LOVES running her cotton candy business and states that, that is the most rewarding part! “I meet so many different people, as they excitedly welcome my business to be a part of very special events and milestones in their lives…is truly exciting!” She also loves that having the flexibility with her business allows her to be a mother and wife first with being a business owner only after her family is taken care of!

Do you have a specific flavor in mind but are unsure if The Cotton Candy Confectionery will have it? No problem! Lauren is always willing to try new flavors to add on to her 23 other flavors such as Grape, Green Apple and Pineapple to Cheesecake, Cream Cheese, Root Beer and Pumpkin! “For children, they love Napa Grape, Granny (Green) Apple, (Pink) Vanilla (classic carnival cotton candy flavor) and Blueberry. Adults order a lot of Vanilla, Cheesecake, Pumpkin and Chocolate for their events” Lauren said when asked about the most popular flavors. With that variety, you are sure to find the flavor that you will love for your wedding!

The Cotton Candy Confectionery offers three different packages based off of time and quantity needs. Although she states, every package can be customized to fit the customer needs.

• Silver package is for 1-hour and approximately. 100 servings
• Gold package is two hours, 2-flavor choices and approximately. 200 servings
• Platinum package is for three hours, 2-flavor choices and 300-325 servings

You can also add their delicious Candy Kabobs to your order as well! They are great for birthday party gifts as well as hostess gifts. No need to worry if you or any of your guests have dietary issues! All of their cotton candy is Gluten Free and Kosher Certified. They also offer Organic cotton candy by request. One of many benefits of owning own small business, Lauren is always giving her clients a personalized experience versus an employee at a big company!

Besides catering and ordering the cotton candy directly from Cotton Candy Confectionery, you can also find their cotton candy at Nuts Plus Sweets and Treats in Doylestown on E. State Street. Lauren is also in the process of proposing ideas with four other companies to place her cotton candy around the Bucks County area! Check out her progress by following her Facebook Page!

The Cotton Candy Confectionery just celebrated their three year anniversary!
Congratulations and here’s to many more to come!


Happy Planning!
Marketing & Day of Events Intern

Friday, July 11, 2014

Feature Friday: Using Lanterns in your Wedding!

For our Feature Friday this week we are featuring a how to add lanterns to your wedding décor! It is a beautiful touch for an outside wedding as well as a romantic touch for an indoor wedding.

 Here are some other ideas for adding lanterns in your wedding!
We LOVE this cost saving and unique lantern bouquets! Best part about them, you can personalize the lanterns and have your bridesmaids keep them!

Try hanging lanterns for reception décor!

Take a look and see how some of our brides added lanterns to their wedding décor!

Did you add lanterns in your wedding décor? If yes, how?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Feature Friday : Inviting Your Dog to Your Wedding

Introducing Feature Friday!!! Every Friday check on our Blog for our newest post featuring recent weddings, local vendors and venues and much, much more!

For our first Feature Friday we have decided to do a post about two of our favorite things! DOGS AND WEDDINGS!

A dog is a person’s best friend. For those of you who love your furry friends just as much as we do, this blog post is for you! There are many ways to include your dog in to your wedding day. You can add them to your engagement pictures, wedding day photos, or even have them in your wedding! Although there are things to consider when including your canine friend in your big day. A huge thing to check out before deciding to include your pet in the wedding is if the venue permits dogs on their property.

Check out these Venues that we've worked at in the past that love dogs too :)

TheDuportail House
The Barn on Bridge
Rosebank Winery

Another thing to consider is your pet’s personality and how they are around other people. It is great to have a friendly dog but if they will be participating in your big day, you have to make sure they won’t become overwhelmed. A great suggestion would be to have a familiar family member or friend who is able to watch your dog before and after the ceremony. Having someone take him or her home early is a good idea too, they will be wiped out!! That way, you can enjoy your big day!
This cutie was a recent bride's dog that snuck into a few
photos while the bride was getting ready sporting an adorable bow tie!
(Brad Ross Photography)
Check out a few other ideas we found on Pinterest!

You may choose not to include your pet in your wedding day, but you can still include them in your engagement or wedding photos!

Including your dog on your wedding day can be something unique and special at your wedding. Don’t forget to bring your pet to the groomer so they can look almost as great as you on your wedding day!

Happy Planning!! 
The Team at Something Blu Weddings and Events

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Alexis + Chris :: June 7th, 2013

The Happy Couple

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck for the bride and groom, right? Well Alexis and Chris couldn’t have been luckier… Not only did it pour the entire day of their wedding, they were clearly the happiest two people in the world that day. From the moment you set eyes on Alexis and Chris you could tell they were great, easy-going people. Most brides would be devastated over an outdoor wedding that got poured on and had to be moved inside but Alexis was so relaxed about the whole situation.

The Rosebank Winery was a beautiful venue with a gorgeous ballroom for the ceremony and reception. JPG Photography captured the entire evening so magnificently, from the endless smiles on the bride and groom’s faces to the little details of the wedding party and the night spent dancing away with friends and family.
The gorgeous ballroom at the Rosebank Winery
Because the wedding had to be held completely inside, Plan B was in place so there were reception tables lined up on the sides of the ceremony space, which would then be transformed into the reception. But even with all these other tables all eyes were on the happy bride and groom as they said “I do.” But how could you take your eyes off them? Alexis’ dress was a gorgeous, all lace dress and Chris couldn’t stop smiling at his new wife.
Alexis' stunning, lace dress

When the ceremony had ended and cocktail hour began we rushed around to change over the ceremony space to the reception space but not before we got the bride
and groom drinks. Upon delivering Alexis the drink her husband had requested for her she replied “Oh yea, a husband. I have one of those now!”
The pile of umbrellas to keep the guests dry

It was quite a fast-paced switch from ceremony to reception while the caterers helped us set up the 23 guest tables with milk glass vases with beautiful flowers from Ye Old Yardley Florist, candles, table numbers, and, of course, table settings. The room transformed as the rain continued to pour outside but the inside was so cozy and full of laughter from the guests and wedding party that no one seemed to notice the dreary, gray day outside or the pile of umbrellas at the door.

The reception began with speeches from the groom’s two brothers, Ron and Shawn, and the bride’s best friend, Liz. The guests laughed along with them and then the tears started when the bride danced with her father while her brother, Craig sang their father-daughter dance. As the announcements and introductions were ending the buffet dinner provided by Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse BBQ opened and the food was delicious. There was pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked salmon, macaroni and cheese, and some of the best mashed potatoes we’ve ever had. Along with the yummy food, there were drinks served at the bar with paper straws in the wedding colors that were almost too cute for words.
The dance floor was always full of guests having a great time!

The night was danced away by all the guests and the DJ, Mitch from Pure Energy Productions, had everyone up on their feet to join the happy bride and groom to celebrate their day. Being able to be a part of such a fun, close knit wedding was an amazing experience and what the day lacked in sunshine, the bride and groom made up for in smiles and laughter.

There was not a time we looked at Alexis and Chris that they weren’t smiling from ear to ear. These two were clearly happy to be together forever in rain or shine, all that mattered to them was each other and the people they loved around them having a good time celebrating. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lauren + Tim :: March 23rd, 2013

Lauren + Tim :: March 23rd, 2013

Let's start off by saying I had an instant connection with this couple. With the Bride's name also being Lauren but the Groom's last name being the same as mine too!! What are the odds!?

Spring had graced us with an absolute perfect day for Lauren and Tim's wedding day. With her mom and bridesmaids by her side, Lauren prepared for the day at Omni Hotel in downtown Philadelphia. Then amongst lots of laughs and a few tears the soon to be newlywed’s exchanged gifts before setting out for the ceremony at Old St. Joseph’s Church a few blocks away.

With the ceremony in one of the oldest churches in Philadelphia there was no doubt beauty abound. Vows were exchanged, first kisses were bestowed, and joy filled the air.

So when you think of a Center City Philly wedding you immediately think of all the logistics that go into getting everyone from one location to the next but the bride and groom were incredible and thought of this well in advance…the ceremony, pictures, reception, and hotel were all within, get ready for it…walking distance!!! Oh yeah, and since it was such a beautiful day we did just that!

Pictures were taken at Second Bank Park before heading to The Ballroom at the Ben where the bride and groom actually live – oh yeah forgot to mention that part; so clean up at the end of the evening was a breeze! As always we were right on time and the bride and groom arrived at cocktail hour with plenty of time to enjoy the scrumptious food and their delightful guests.  They looked on as many complemented them on their unique guestbook puzzle that Tim’s aunt made!

The fantastic homemade guestbook puzzle!
The Ballroom was done up to the nines with beautiful floral provided by An Enchanted Florist at Skippack Village. The tables were adorned with favor cards by Little Women Design informing guests that a donation had been made in their honor to the American Cancer Society – so selfless!
The reception was held inside the beautiful Ballroom at the Ben Franklin House
Introductions were made, speeches were given and first dances followed – not a dry eye was to be found. Then before we knew it the party was in full swing and the 9 piece band, Second Vision, made sure of it, they were rocking!

The cake by Termini Bakery alone was beautiful but Lauren and Tim went above and beyond and had not just a dessert bar but a full on dessert room! Debi Parker Photography and Blossom Productions were able to capture every magnificent second of it in both stills and video.

We were able to pull together all the details of this awesome fete with having only been hired two weeks prior with the help an amazingly organized Bride! The stress alleviations that we were able to provide were thoroughly appreciated and we were more than happy to just be a part of their day!

The happy couple. Congratulations Lauren and Tim!
  Check out this amazing highlight from Blossom Productions!

Here is what Lauren had to say about working with us!

"The problem with this review is that there are no words to describe how incredibly thankful I am for Lauren and the Something Blu team. I decided to hire a day-of coordinator two weeks before my wedding
 (if I could find someone willing to take the job so quickly).continue reading.."

Ceremony: Old St Josephs, Philadelphia
Reception: Ballroom at the Ben, Philadelphia
Videographer: Blossom Productions
Photographer: Debi Parker Photography
Florist: An Enchanted Florist at Skippack Village
Stationery: Little Woman Design
Transportation: Krapf’s Coaches