Thursday, September 19, 2013

Alexis + Chris :: June 7th, 2013

The Happy Couple

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck for the bride and groom, right? Well Alexis and Chris couldn’t have been luckier… Not only did it pour the entire day of their wedding, they were clearly the happiest two people in the world that day. From the moment you set eyes on Alexis and Chris you could tell they were great, easy-going people. Most brides would be devastated over an outdoor wedding that got poured on and had to be moved inside but Alexis was so relaxed about the whole situation.

The Rosebank Winery was a beautiful venue with a gorgeous ballroom for the ceremony and reception. JPG Photography captured the entire evening so magnificently, from the endless smiles on the bride and groom’s faces to the little details of the wedding party and the night spent dancing away with friends and family.
The gorgeous ballroom at the Rosebank Winery
Because the wedding had to be held completely inside, Plan B was in place so there were reception tables lined up on the sides of the ceremony space, which would then be transformed into the reception. But even with all these other tables all eyes were on the happy bride and groom as they said “I do.” But how could you take your eyes off them? Alexis’ dress was a gorgeous, all lace dress and Chris couldn’t stop smiling at his new wife.
Alexis' stunning, lace dress

When the ceremony had ended and cocktail hour began we rushed around to change over the ceremony space to the reception space but not before we got the bride
and groom drinks. Upon delivering Alexis the drink her husband had requested for her she replied “Oh yea, a husband. I have one of those now!”
The pile of umbrellas to keep the guests dry

It was quite a fast-paced switch from ceremony to reception while the caterers helped us set up the 23 guest tables with milk glass vases with beautiful flowers from Ye Old Yardley Florist, candles, table numbers, and, of course, table settings. The room transformed as the rain continued to pour outside but the inside was so cozy and full of laughter from the guests and wedding party that no one seemed to notice the dreary, gray day outside or the pile of umbrellas at the door.

The reception began with speeches from the groom’s two brothers, Ron and Shawn, and the bride’s best friend, Liz. The guests laughed along with them and then the tears started when the bride danced with her father while her brother, Craig sang their father-daughter dance. As the announcements and introductions were ending the buffet dinner provided by Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse BBQ opened and the food was delicious. There was pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked salmon, macaroni and cheese, and some of the best mashed potatoes we’ve ever had. Along with the yummy food, there were drinks served at the bar with paper straws in the wedding colors that were almost too cute for words.
The dance floor was always full of guests having a great time!

The night was danced away by all the guests and the DJ, Mitch from Pure Energy Productions, had everyone up on their feet to join the happy bride and groom to celebrate their day. Being able to be a part of such a fun, close knit wedding was an amazing experience and what the day lacked in sunshine, the bride and groom made up for in smiles and laughter.

There was not a time we looked at Alexis and Chris that they weren’t smiling from ear to ear. These two were clearly happy to be together forever in rain or shine, all that mattered to them was each other and the people they loved around them having a good time celebrating. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.!