Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{ Getting Engaged 101 } + Planners Engagement Story


This time of the year always reminds me of when I got engaged. You just have to hear the story!

In December 2008, while decorating our Christmas tree, my (now) husband wanted to start this tradition of getting Christmas ornaments to represent what happened throughout the year. He started off with 2 cat ornaments to represent our 2 cats we got the first year we were together and a dog ornament to represent the dog we have. There was one more for 2008.... However before I put this next ornament on the tree, I was upset because a month prior we had to put one of the cats down.

The last ornament I put on the tree was a clear ornament that you could fill with whatever you wanted to make your own. My husband had put a small Christmas tree with fake snow in it AND on top of the tree was a ring for the star. 

I put it on the tree (not noticing the ring!) and sat down, completely over putting ornaments on the tree at that point.

My husband asked me to get up to look at the tree with him, and after about 5-10 mins of standing there.... I finally noticed the ring!! I stupid replied "I thought you wanted to buy a new car".. (which he had talked about all year)

Lets just say I ruined his plan and was completely surprised, but at least I said YES! And now we have this wonderful story to tell!!

Rachel Beck Photography

This brings me to....

Kelley Gorman Photography

{ Getting Engaged 101 }

  • Don't ruin the surprise! If you have an idea he's going to propose, accidentally found the receipt in his jeans or your snooping around all the time for a ring..... He's worked hard to make his plan work, so be surprised or at least act surprised!! 
  • Let him pick your ring! He will so proud to have picked out a ring that you absolutely love! You can give suggestions but don't buy it together. 
  • Tell everyone! Your friends and family might have known he was going to propose but there's nothing like seeing everyone so happy for the both of you!
  • Enjoy every moment! Bask in the glory of all the happiness surrounding you!
  • Lastly don't panic! It's a lot of work to plan a wedding but we are here to help you every step of the way!! 

Ready to start planning?
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We would love to hear your engagement story!!


Congrats in advance to all those lucky brides-to-be who get engaged this Christmas or New Years!

Lauren Reilly 
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Photo Credit: Kelley Gorman
I'm proud to announce Something Blu Weddings and Events will start taking weddings by January 2012!! This year has been a wonderful and VERY eventful year! I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to hold TWO internships with  two of the most successful planners in the industry! (Karen Pecora Events and Sheryl Garman Weddings and Special Events) I have worked on over 20 events this year including weddings, fundraising events and galas. I'm officially ready to take the plunge and have the experience to back it up! Something Blu will focus on planning weddings, offering services to fit every budget and will branch off to doing fundraising events in the near future.

Weddings with Sheryl Garman
Photo Credit: Mark James Photography

Weddings with Sheryl Garman

The first event I ever volunteered for was in January 2011 for the NACE Gala! All I could say was WOW! I was also lucky enough to help set up prior to the event with Evantine Design and learned so much! Karen Pecora rocked that Gala!

Barton Paul Photography

I have also helped out with a few other events- Gents in Events, SAVOR 2011, ISES Fresh! 2011, Brides against Breast Cancer 2011 Philadelphia and will be helping out with The 1st Annual FOP Survivors Fund Gala.

Something Blu also competed at this years Society of Wedding Planners "Whose Table is it Anyway?" Tabletop competition. I am not at all a design company however I do have lots of ideas and seeing one of them come to life was AMAZING! Unfortunately I didn't take home a trophy but I couldn't have been more proud of what I accomplished! 

There's definitely more details to come and our website will be up soon! 

Looking forward to being in this incredible industry!

Lauren Reilly


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