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{ All Your Invitation Questions Answered! }

When it comes to planning your big day, what's better than advice from the experts? We sat down with LoveLeigh Invitations to answer all your invitation needs including the latest trends, tips and proper invitation etiquette.

Who is LoveLeigh Invitations? 
Graphic designers Cheyenne and Danielle Leigh teamed up and created LoveLeigh Invitations. LoveLeigh specializes in custom invitations for social events, such as weddings, and offers an experience for the bride and groom to be very involved in the design process. By offering the couple this experience, they are able to develop a stationary just for them. From a couples first consultation to the finished invitation, they advise clients to allow 4-6 months in order to design details accordingly. 

We asked, what are the latest trends for invitations?
LoveLeigh replied custom-designed wedding invitations.  They explained that couples are requesting invites that correspond with their personalities by using geometric patterns, such as chevrons and ikat, or rustic themes by using handwritten fonts and twine bows. When it comes to printing, letterpress is big trend right now.

Does your invitation have to match your wedding color scheme and style?
LoveLeigh believes your wedding invite sets the tone for the celebration and gets your guests excited for your event. It does not have to match your scheme or style exactly but the invite is a great place to start to express your collective taste. For example, if your wedding has more of a formal feel you may want to choose traditional cursive font and have it bundled together with a satin bow.  If your wedding is more relaxed, the invite could be a mix of bright colors, vintage blocked lettering, and bundled together with burlap.

When should you order and send your Save the Dates and Invitations?
Generally, a couple should send their save the dates at least 6 months before their wedding day and invitations 6-8 weeks before the wedding date. If planning a destination wedding, LoveLeigh suggests 8-12 months in advance in order for guests to make travel arrangements. 

Bonus Tip from Something Blu: Ask to receive the envelopes ahead of time to get a head start on addressing them. 

Do I really need to order extra invitations if I already have a finalized guest list? If so how many should I order?
The answer is yes! LoveLeigh emphasized that you should always order at least 10-20 extra invites.  You never know if you or your parents have forgotten someone and if guests can't attend, you can give these extra  invitations to new guests. It is also wonderful to have extra invitations as a keepsake for you and your family.

How would you address the envelope to the following:
A Married Couple - Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

Unmarried Couple  - Mr. John Smith
                                   Ms. Jane Green
( Names should be on a separate line when a couple is not married )

A Married Woman Doctor - Dr. Jane and Mr. John Smith

A Family & Children - Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Family

If a couple wants a "green" wedding, what are their options for invitations? Is sending an e-vite to the wedding ok?
LoveLeigh believes that an e-vite is not appropriate for a wedding invitation and will not set the proper tone to a very important day that you put so much thought into.  However, there are other endless "green" options available! They recommend printing on recycled paper with soy-based ink, using a reply postcard ( avoids the extra envelope )  and/or including your accommodation and direction information on your wedding website rather than printing separate cards. 

Where should you include that you are having a 'Black Tie' wedding, no kids, or registry information?
LoveLeigh suggested that Black Tie information should be either on the bottom of the invitation or on the reception card . When it comes to registry information, this information should only be on the wedding shower invite.

Bonus Tip from Something Blu: When it comes to not inviting kids to the reception, it's all about how you address the outer envelope. For example if you want to invite Bob and Sally Smith and their five children address the invite to The Smith Family or Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Family. If you are not inviting their five children only write Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Most guests will understand if their children are or are not invited by who the invitation is addressed to. Be consistent in your decision as you don't want to upset someone on your wedding day by making an exception for Aunt Sue but not for Aunt Sally. 

How long should guests be given to RSVP?
LoveLeigh stated that 3-4 weeks is the appropriate time to guests to respond.

We concluded our interview with asking if you can’t afford to hire a calligrapher, can you just print the addresses on the envelopes from your computer?
Of course! LoveLeigh explained that this way is a great money-saver.  When printing, try to use the same font on your invite and if possible keep the design consistent.  They recommend converting your address list from Excel into a template in Word.

Bonus Tip from Something Blu: Proper wedding etiquette is to always handwrite the addresses for each envelope as it gives a more personal touch. However many Brides now are all about breaking tradition. We suggest printing the address from you computer ( in a light color ) on to the envelope and trace over each address with fine point pen or felt marker. Ask your bridal party to help!

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Happy Planning!

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