Monday, June 4, 2012

Skip the boring Wedding Registry and try one of these!

Perhaps you already have your toaster, microwave and blenders..... and that China set that never gets used anyway OR you simply don't want to register for the same boring things you see on everyone else's registry!

We've done some searching for a few "out-of-the-department store" Wedding Registry options!

1. Honeymoon Registry- Your guests can give you a monetary gift towards Activities, Spa Amentities, Hotel Rooms, Airfare and more for you to enjoy on your Honeymoon! You can create your registry in less than 15 minutes filled with a 1 Hour Massage, a Bottle of Champagne, Swimming with the Dolphins, etc. and guests can even give you a general gift. I personally used and absolutely loved how easy and inexpensive it was (most have service fees.. this is the cheapest one I've found). They can send you a check or wire the money to your bank or Paypal account. The money that you receive doesn't necessarily need to be used for what your guests purchased.. for example if your Aunt purchased a 1 -Hour Massage for $100, you can use that $100 towards dinner if you change your mind about the Massage.

Here's a sample of a Traveler's Joy Honeymoon Registry.

2. - This registry was designed by to help support local businesses around the Philadelphia Area. You can add things like.... Memberships to The Art Museum, Dance Lessons, Charitable Donations, City Food Tours and so much more! You can even add a Dream Gift such a Phillies Season Tickets or even a new house fund! They also share your traditional gift registry with your guests on the same site to make it easier for your guests to see all of the gifts your registered for.

Here's a sample of a Registry 10 Gift Registry.

3. Etsy Wedding Registry - I don't about you but I LOVE almost everything on . There are so many talented crafters and amazing inspiration for every home, wedding and lifestyle. The choices you have for your registry on this site is truly endless and many items are created just for you!

Etsy designer: WillaSkyeHome
4. Charity Wedding Registry- This has to be one of my favorite registry options.... Your guests can make donations to a charity you choose in your name.  We found one called that has a wide variety of different charities. Choose from Environmental charities to Education or even focus on one specific category to split between the charities. This site also makes it easy to give charitable favors, attendant gifts and they are partnered with other popular registries in which these partners donate a percentage to your chosen charity when your guests purchase a gift. 

5. Eco-Friendly Wedding Registry - Register for only green products... many of these gifts are one of a kind and definitely not found at your traditional department store. Made with organic fabrics, recyclable or renewable and natural materials such as stone, and copper. has something for every room in your house and even your pets! Check out these Beach Stone Drink Chillers they have!

Beach Stone Drink Chillers from

So skip the boring registry or add some fun to your current one! Make sure to have at least twice as many gift options as you have guests and gifts in a variety of price points that everyone can afford.

Happy Registering !!


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