Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{ Something New } What does it really mean?

{ Something New }

Optimism and hope for the brides new life ahead

Unique ideas:

Monique Lhullier Spring 2012 Collection

This is probably the easiest item to incorporate since most of us will purchase a new dress, new shoes, new jewelry, new lingerie.. the list of all the new things purchased could go on and on. 

However try to think out of the box with this one.

Why not create a family heirloom that your children can use for their "something old" or "something borrowed". 

A fabulous new  tiara or headpiece. It may be something you wanted to buy already however adding some meaning to this purchase will make it even better.

Plant a new hydrangea bush and make your wedding bouquet from it. Practice this one though, if your not a DIYer then ask a friend who may be able to help you out.  Do a trial run first!! 

Jewelry ~ Yes it may be something you had in mind for your "something new" but again picking something unique in style that probably won't go out of style and become a vintage piece in your family.

How about a vintage clutch ~ Your "something new" doesn't necessarily mean brand new from a store. It could be "something new" that was given to you or even a family heirloom. Your "something old" and  "something new" could be the same item! Doesn't that make it easier?

Even know this is an easy item to incorporate, try to give it some real meaning instead of what most do and have their dress be "something new". You can have multiple items that are new !

{ Embrace Traditions.... Your Way }

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