Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{ Something Old , Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blu }

Have you ever wondered what these traditions mean and where they came from?! 

The custom is based on an old english poem

Something Old, Something New
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
And a silver sixpence in your shoe

Each item refers to a good luck token and if the bride carries all four items on her wedding day, she will have a happy marriage. 

Throughout the month of January we will tell you the meaning of each item and some unique ideas to help you carry on the tradition. 

{ Something Old }

Continuity with the Bride's family and the past.
The couple's friends that will hopefully remain close throughout the marriage. 

Unique Ideas:


How about wearing your Mother's wedding gown (or close relative) or veil. Or you could even use some fabric from the gown to sew into your own dress, but check with your siblings in case they had plans on actually wearing the dress in one piece.

Country singer Miranda Lambert chose to wear her Mother's gown which fit perfectly for their country style wedding.  

Adding your Grandmother's brooch, fabric from your Mother's gown or a charm from a necklace that has been in your family for years to your bouquet, to keep family members close to your heart as you walk down the aisle. 


Kelley Gorman Photography

A vintage engagement ring or wedding band.
Vintage jewelry that has stayed with your family for many years ; headpiece, necklace, bracelet.

You can always use something you already have such as a fabulous pair of heels or diamond earrings your husband to be bought you for your first Valentine's Day. 

So what if you can't find anything "old" ?! 

mon petit chou boutique on Etsy.com

  Check out these incredible antique jewelry made from silver spoons!  Found on Etsy.com.

mon petit chou boutique on Etsy.com

{ Embrace Traditions... Your Way}

Lauren Reilly 

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